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  • 100% Royalty Free - Instant download of the .zip file containing AIFF loops
  • Supreme Quality - 48 kHz Stereo Loops, 96 kHz Multi-track Loops
  • Featuring A-List Musicians - Mark Guilana (Beat Music), Omar Hakim & Matt Chamberlain
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About "The Loop Loft"

The Loop Loft was founded by drummer / producer / loop guru, Ryan Gruss.  A boutique sample shop, The Loop Loft records the best musicians on the planet to create the highest quality loops, ReFills, Ableton Live Packs & Multitrack Sessions available anywhere.

The Loop Loft offers a range of loop collections for drums, percussion, guitar, bass, saxophone, and more. Its productions are recorded using only real musicians, not machines. “We don’t use samplers. We don’t program beats. We just record the best musicians in the world to bring you loops that feel and sound human. The way they should be.”

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